Autonomous mode running in TeleOp

I have encountered a strange problem with the code: When I select TeleOp mode on the driver’s station PC, the code still runs Autonomous first before going to TeleOp. Sort of like what happens in practice mode. In addition, once the TeleOp code starts running, it appears to be timing out every second or so and then restarting. It runs OK, but seems very laggy. There are no errors coming out besides the “Left and Right Drive Motors VI is running too slowly,” which has showed up for us for 2 seasons now.

Has the Robot Main code been changed? It calls a function to get the robot mode and selects which code to run based on that. Additionally, the Charts tab of the DS draws a dot a the bottom showing what the DS is telling the robot to run, and dots beneath showing the robot code that is running.

If you are pretty sure this is happening, please post code or an image of the modified code.

Greg McKaskle

We experienced this issue during Week 1 when one of the harder working freshmen on the team tried his hand in programming. I looked at the program, and after a while realized he’d done a funky number on Robot Try opening a new 2012 Robot Project and swapping the two files out for each other, or compare the two and see if there are any anomalies.

This happens whenever my team deploys Robot Main then Autonomous Independent to test our code. All that needs to be done is enabling and disabling Autonomous mode quickly, then Teleop should work fine.

Hello everyone, thanks for the responses. It doesn’t appear that the Robot has been changed at all - I compared it to a fresh project. I will run the code again tonight to see what the driver’s station is sending/receiving as the robot mode.