Autonomous Mode Wall Sensor - Ruling

Are we allowed to use the wall for guidance during autonomous…Can anyone please help us with an official ruling on this.

You may.

Under section 4
G19> Field Interaction - ROBOTs may push or react against any elements of the field, provided there is no
damage or disruption of the field elements. ROBOTs may not grab, grasp, grapple, or attach to any field
structure. If a ROBOT violates this rule, the head referee will give one warning. If the referee determines
that team is disregarding the warning, the team’s ROBOT will be disabled for the remainder of the match.
<G20> Field Damage - The head referee may disable a ROBOT that has damaged the playing field, carpet, goals,
etc. if the head referee feels that further damage is likely to occur. The head referee may require
corrective action, such as eliminating a sharp edge, before the ROBOT will be allowed to compete in
subsequent matches.

This seems to be a change from the past. Use wisely.