Autonomous Mode

Hey guys I’m wondering what eveyone’s thoughts were on what is going to be a good autonomous mode this year, a couple weeks ago on FIRSTcast they talked briefly on how a good autonomous mode could make the match. So what has everyone been thinking?

Since I’m replying first, I get to state the patently obvious: A good autonomous period is one in which the alliance scores 6 balls in the first 15 seconds, then heads toward the other side of their respective zones ready to contest possession of the balls which did not make it into a goal. As a corollary, each robot’s autonomous mode must behave according to the zone in which is is placed. (Of all the miracles I least expect to see is a single autonomous program that can score in whichever zone it is placed.)

Our team is hoping to be able to kick the 3 balls from the far zone into our zone if not into our goal. Then possibly climb the bump over into the middle zone.

A bot starting in the middle zone should kick their two balls but then maybe they should drive to block the tunnel. Not only blocking it from other robots but also from the returning balls going into the opponents zone.

There are alot of different things that could be done in autonomous, apart from crossing the center line. What will be interesting to me is how teams will coordinate their autonomous and line up their starting positions so that kicked balls from the far zone dont hit their alliance partner in the middle or close zone.

Also i hope robots planning on climbing the bumps during autonomous dont have the tendancy of flipping themselves.

I really hope that all teams at the very very least have multiple mode that will just move them out of the way of thier teammates trying to kick over them. At the very least… really, every team with a kicker should try to kick the ball in auto.

This is far easier to accomplish by placing the robot near the centerline and not executing any autonomous mode at all.

unless that robot is tall and a kicker in the far end can’t quite clear it. otherwise, agreed.

I don’t really understand how a robot placed adjacent to the centerline would ever interfere with a kick aimed at the goal.

With some quick math (27ft field/2 = 14/5 ft., 14.5 ft.-6ft ball grid = 8.5 ft., 8.5ft / 2 = 4.25 ft.) I come up with the closest set of dots to the centerline being 4.25 ft. away. That means that a robot easily fits between the soccer ball and the centerline.

Given that you are kicking the soccer ball away from the centerline towards the goal (unless you really want to shoot across the field into a goal the opponent can block), a robot placed as close to the centerline as possible should never interfere with a kick that would otherwise be successful.

I just realized I have been assuming that the alliance gets to place BOTH the robots and the balls (on a grid) in each of the three zones. (heading to confirm this in the rules) This means that there is such a thing as pre-autonomous strategy too.

I dont have a manual with me right now, but i believe we can place both where ever we want in the grid we select through out the alliance of teams.

Relevant rules are <G08> and <G09>

<G08> ROBOT Starting Positions – Prior to the MATCH, each TEAM negotiates within their ALLIANCE to select one of the three starting areas for their ALLIANCE.
When the FIELD is viewed from the ALLIANCE STATION, the ROBOTS must be placed on the right side of the CENTER LINE in one of the following starting positions:
• In the far ZONE and in contact with the ALLIANCE STATION WALL and/or ramp.
• In the MIDFIELD and in contact with the farthest BUMP.
• In the near ZONE and in contact with the nearest BUMP.

<G09> BALL Starting Positions – Prior to the MATCH, each ALLIANCE is provided with six BALLS to be placed on the FIELD. The BALLS must be placed on a STARTING GRID location prior to the MATCH start. When the FIELD is viewed from the ALLIANCE STATION, the BALLS must be placed on the right side of the CENTER LINE, with one BALL in the near ZONE, two BALLS in the MIDFIELD, and three BALLS in the far ZONE. The BALLS must not be in contact with a ROBOT at the start of the MATCH.

Thinking exactly the same thing, given that there are no ‘bonus points’ for scoring in autonomous. Just get the robot ready for decent positioning when teleop starts.

Let me know guys:

My robot could cross trough tunnel in autonomous mode?
The rules says that you just can’t cross totaly the center line, so I’m wondering that my robot can go to the other zone!!

That’s right?

Yep you can go through the tunnel.

To me, a good autonomous will, as stated above, at least attempt to score all the balls given to them in their respective zone, or at least get them to a teammate who can score.

I also like the idea of moving to the line so that as soon as tele-op begins you can try to take your opponents leftover balls.

And, thanks by the answer Jamie!

I think that very few teams will score by themselves. They will get the balls close to the goals, but once teleop starts it will be the near bot’s job to push the balls into the goal. I guess the best strategy for the near bot would be to place themselves on the mid line and not move until the last few seconds. They then can make a mad dash for the goal and try and push some balls in. Maybe… but who knows until the end of week 1?