Autonomous Mode.

Question - I am seeking help for my autonomous mode. I started with the basic structure of the picture below. I removed the arcade drive out and replaced it with a motor control vi. I also added in a relay vi for our feeder. When we test it, the motor turns on for a second and thats it. The relay motor doesn’t do anything. What i’ve been reading, it’s the saftey config. Do I need to add in a watchdog to feed and delay? And ideas?

You just need to add a Disable of the Motor Safety vi before entering the sequence.
You can re-Enable it in the last sequence frame.

The second attachment is a revised Auto for 2012.



Okay thanks, now will this method work for a motor control?

A single motor control doesn’t have the Safety Config on by default, so it isn’t necessary unless you’ve explicitly added the Safety Config yourself.

Iv’e always have got my motor to work in autonomous mode but i could never get my relay motor to work in autonomous mode. So hopefully this will work. I cant wait to try it out at regionals.