Autonomous Mode

Thanks to Ian Krieg for some help on this. I would still like to get more information:

My question:
Can you help us with the mode in the program in going from the Autonomous
>Mode to the operator mode. I assume there must be some code to allow the
>autonomous mode to run for the first 15 seconds, and then allow the
>operator interface code to proceed for the rest of the match.

Ian answered:
The new default code, which apparently requires a new beta of the
stamp software, defines extra bits in PB_Mode, one of which is called
something like auton_mode. If you copy that part of the new default
code to your own default code, I expect you will be able to use that
code in your robot without difficulty.

If auton_mode = 0 then UseControls:

I would like some extra help with this DBryan :confused:

auton_mode is a variable that is automatically set to 1 when autonomous mode is enabled and 0 when it is disabled. The line

If auton_mode = 0 then UseControls

(note removed colon) says "if the autonomous mode is off, go to the section of the program labeled ‘UseControls:’ "

You can search the forums, or go to the documentation at, for a competition port dongle that will let you test these modes before the actual competition.