Autonomous mode

Exactly how do they plan on turning the mode on? Thru the competition port or what? I was just wondering so I can finish my code.

Sorry to say this is about the 100th redundant question on this,

Yes it is through the competition pert same as disable of the robot

From Innovation First Programming Manual
Autonomous Mode
Bit 6 of the PB_mode byte (aliased as auton_mode below) indicates the status of the Autonomous Mode,
either Autonomous or Normal. This indicates when the robot must run on its own programming. When
in Autonomous Mode, all OI analog inputs are set to 127 and all OI switch inputs are set to 0 (zero).
Auton_mode is indicated by a blinking “Disabled” LED on the Operator Interface.
Auton_mode = 1 for Autonomous, 0 for Normal.
Autonomous Mode can be turned ON by setting the RC to Team 0 (zero) and power cycling the RC unit.

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