Autonomous modes for both sides of the field pathweaver

For last season, there wasn’t a need for different autonomous modes depending on which alliance you were on because the field layout was the same for both sides.

For this year however, will teams need to write different autonomous paths for which alliance they’re on?

For example, facing the alliance station wall on the blue side, the red substations are on the right while when facing the red side alliance station wall, the blue substations are off to the left.

When I try the flip H and flip V buttons in pathweaver, it shows this error:
Screenshot 2023-01-19 102344

Short answer, yes

Longer answer, it depends. PathPlanner, for example, will actually handle that mirroring for you depending on what the alliance color setting is (set by the driver station and field FMS). Other trajectory builders (i.e. Pathweaver) may not.


There is a lot of symmetry on 2/3 of the field. Except for the Charging Station cable raceway and the 2 versions of the AprilTags, the red and blue are essentially identical.

Venture into the 1/3 of the field with the lane and Substations and you are in your case of mirrored.

Uhhhh what? The entire field is a mirror image across the midline. Theres no 1/3 vs 2/3 or whatever division. Even if you only look at the middle section of the field (midline to the charge stations in both directions), its still not rotationally symmetric as the game piece staging areas are reversed. Rotational symmetry is what would be needed yo use the same path from both sides of the field.

Just to be pedantic for a moment, youre technically correct that symmetry exists, but its a mirror symmetry, not the necessary rotational symmetry.

So with pathweaver I’d need to create the same paths on the red side of the field?

I cant speak for pathweaver specifically since i havent used it, but it makes sense logically unless PW has a feature to mirror it for you (which i doubt it does)

If you limit your view of the field to the 2/3 of it with the Grids, then any co-ordinate system - any arbitrary origin say (0, 0) is to the right of you - is identical for Red and Blue (except for what the AprilTags say and the Charging Station cable raceway).

Teams that are say dead-reckoning, e.g. go back 2, rotate +45, etc. can use exactly the same auto program. The cable raceway may cause a small upset or not depending on the side you are on. The AprilTags will show different co-ordinates but the simpler programs don’t need those.

If you venture to the Substation 1/3 of the field, that is mirrored co-ordinates for the two different sides and has to be accommodated.

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