Autonomous Movement past Line

Is it possible for a robot to move into the play field when starting during auto? In the reveal video a red robot goes into the field to shoot the ball into the outer port. I wasn’t able to find if it is allowed to go out to shoot.

The robots can go anywhere except for your alliances sector area which is on the opposite side of the field you are starting on (Ex. You are blue. You start in the red sector area. You aren’t allowed to cross the field to blues side and go across the sector area, keep in mind you start in the opponent’s sector area)

(In the rule book page 49 rule G3)
G3. During AUTO, no defense. During AUTO, a ROBOT’s BUMPERS may not break the plane of their ALLIANCE’s SECTOR (see Figure 3-3.)
Violation: FOUL. If contact with an opponent ROBOT, either directly or transitively through another ROBOT or POWER CELL, TECH FOUL per instance.

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