Autonomous Problem

I read the other posts but none of them are solving my problem. In autonomous mode the robot says that watchdog was not fed and the robot does not move. I put in feed, delay and feed and have the references in the I have heard that in some cases there is an indefinite loop hidden in some programs but i do not know where it is hidden. Our telop mode works however so i do not know if that is the problem. We have even tried to delete all the standard code to just have watchdog and the motors but still does not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Which autonomous style are you using, Independent or (the other one, whose label I cannot remember at the moment – Iterative, perhaps)?

Is the Driver Station error display giving you any more information than just a Watchdog timeout?

Post your Autonomous code and let us see if there’s something obvious that can be corrected.

You did turn on the autonomous loop didn’t you?
There’s a T/F box attached to the outside of the autonomous loop that comes set to “F” and needs to be changed to “T” by clicking on it.

thankyou for the help our program was missing the true false statement.