Autonomous problem.

We are trying to get our robot to do absolutly nothing during autonomous but for some reason, every time we tried to get it to even just move straight(just full output to the motors, no boolean statements or anything), when it was downloaded(and we downloaded the program multiple times to be sure that it was not a little downloading bug it), it would do a funney dance move, and move in random directions so what would happen is we get points deducted for not going towards the pegs. And so I just completly erased the entire autonomous vi, and it still did the same thing. Our teleop works just fine. I got some feedback from another team that there might corrupted data in the program and i might have to rebuild it:ahh: . i am going to try to just set the output for 0 in autonomous and see what happens but we have a little over a week till our next competition so…i thought i would see if anyone has any ideas or feedback. :smiley:

If someone could tell me how to simply have the drive wheels move foreward during autonomous that would be great too.

From your description, my guess is that the motors are starting, and are then being shutdown by the safety timeout. Since there isn’t much time, your best option may be to disable it in Begin. The other option is to change your code so that you update the motor speed at least every 100ms, similar to how the initial code did.

Greg McKaskle

I can see a few different things that would cause that. The first is that you forgot to save, rebuild, and reupload the code.

Other than that, did you just delete that large "page"y looking thing (the vi reference) outside the robot main loop? Since there is a feedback node inside the “autonomous enable” part of the case structure, it will just use the last value, which is the old autonomous independent. What you want to do is go inside the “autonomous enabled” state of the case structure and put a diagram disable structure around the case structure inside of that. Or you could replace the vi reference, then put a diagram disable structure around everything inside the vi.

can i simply set the motor values to 0 and have nothing else in autonomous

If i go to the case structure in the Robot main Vi. and go to the autonomous enabled in the case structure. if i change something in there then will it achieve the same result of having no autonomous or do i just have to set a value of my motors to 0 in the vi itself?

There are many ways to break the autonomous routine so that the robot sits still.

The correct answer as to how you should disable it depends a bit on how you have modified the framework and initial code.

The VI that launches the autonomous has the green light on it. If you disable that, no auto. Periodic tasks will still run, so if you have control code there, be sure to set your setpoints in Begin or elsewhere.

You can also write another autonomous VI that does nothing and drag that over the VI refnum on Begin. That will specify that you would rather it call that VI instead of the Autonomous Init. This is also easy to fix and even make dependent on a DS setting.

And of course there is nothing wrong with disabling the code in the Auto VI.

Greg McKaskle