Autonomous problems

After loading our Autonomous code into the basic robot main, the camera tracks the two colors well, but we cant’ seem to get the speed controllers to function, we took the whole of the PID loop code at the bottom of the Servo Camera Example and threw into the Two Color Tracking example, added an algorithm that converts the servo values into motor values and puts it into tank drive, we see values being placed into the tank dirve VI, but speed controllers don’t respond, I’d give you a picture, but I don’t have one at my house.

Probe the values being sent to the motors. If the math isn’t right and you are mostly sending small numbers near zero, that would be the problem. If you are sending numbers that are reasonable and the motors aren’t moving, look at the watchdog or wiring issues.

Greg McKaskle

Watchdog is fine and we are getting values of .6 and -.6, we limited it so we coudl test it in our environment with less risk of serious damage

If you are sending 0.6 to a motor controller and you aren’t getting errors back and the motor isn’t running, it is either a wiring or a watchdog issue.

Check for errors from the motor call, and if that doesn’t work, verify the module number and channel numbers match how the robot is wired. Also make sure the LED on the motor controller seems right.

Greg McKaskle

We aren’t getting any light change on the controllers… I am almost positive that it’s wired correctly but my entire team is working on the bot right so I can’t really make sure…