Autonomous Program using Excel like input structure

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In the past I have used the “standard” Labview structure to program autonomous operation but wondered if someone created a Labview structure that inputs an Excel like format (rows are 0.1 second increments and columns are associated with output devices (etc. columns 1-4 are traction motors 1-4, columns 5-Y are other motors and solenoids).
I have used this kind of functionality in the Matlab/Simulink environment in the past.


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At Orbit, we have our own “pathfinder” we developed (specifically for swerve this year). The GUI allows the user to input points and other data, and generates a CSV file which is uploaded to the RoboRIO. In init, the CSV files are read from the RoboRIO’s storage and stored as an array. Then each cycle of autonomous corresponds to an index of the array.
Each line of the CSV includes time, robot’s position, velocity, heading and omega. In addition, we can declare “action points”, which can describe some functionality of the robot else than driving (e.g. “open intake” or “shoot”).
We used this method with LabVIEW and with Java and it seems to work very well.



Can I get a copy of your “pathfinder” setup so I can try to program it on my RoboRio?

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I remember 2468 having a program that allowed them to draw their trajectories and add different robot actions while executing them. I think it is stored here: DeepSpace2019/Deep Space Reference Code at main · frc2468/DeepSpace2019 · GitHub

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