Autonomous Question.....

Has anyone actually gotten their robot to cap during autonomous yet? I am sure that this has already been asked somewhere out there(sorry if it has), but I am really curious. The camera code and stuff has been difficult to figure out and I wanted to know if our team was the only the one having this problem. Also what else, if anything, do you plan on having your robot do during autonomous?

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Well, we have programmed our robot to do everything we can in autonomous but we have on and off switches to match the conditions. Most of our work with the camera has been tested and it works except for actually capping the tetras because we don’t have a field or a fully built arm yet. It is a hard process to calibrate the camera especially finding the exact numbers of the color during testing but with a lot of paint coats and hours of work, you can make it work.
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we have gotten to the point of picking them up, but we haven’t capped anything because the yellow triangle at the base of the goals hasn’t been attached yet.

first one to post a video will recieve E-props

also, is anybody attempting this with only a single axis camera mount?

for all of those who want to cap during auton. how are you going to tell the cameral to switch from tracking green to yellow. Im thinking a modified limit switch inside the arm. any thoughts?