Autonomous running on one robot but not the other. (Labview)

As the title says my teams autonomous program will run on the old test robot but not this years robot. On the old test robot it runs just fine. On the new one no matter what I change it drives backwards for a second then stops.

On the old robot we used Jaguars and on the new one we are running Talon SR’s. The only thing I would change was the motor type and I made sure it’s the correct ones. This is my first year programming so I feel like I’m just missing something simple. If anyone can help me my team and I would really appreciate it.

Autonomous (11.5 KB)

Autonomous (11.5 KB)

I know are team had some similar problem and just had to make the values negative instead. I can ask tomorrow to see if they have found any better ways but for now that’s what I would do.
Sorry we are using Java not Labview. Hope someone else can help you

What does it do on the old robot?

If it’s just a question of running the wrong direction, it mean your drive motors are hooked up in the opposite way - you can fix it by negating your values, or by switching the way the wires from the motor are hooked up to the speed controller - swap the red and black ones.

Are you using the same roboRio on both? This year’s version of wpilib requires some updates to the roboRio firmware, so make sure your wpilib and roboRio firmware are in sync.

At the moment I have it set to just run one drive motor for two seconds. The old robot does that. What makes this so strange is the fact it’s only set to run one motor yet on the new robot it it runs both drive motors backwards.

How is it wired up? Is there by any chance a PWM splitter involved?

They are both the same. I was told by a colleague who said he formatted both of them.

There is no PWM splitter. We discussed that nut decided against it.

I would try going into NI MAX, restoring both roboRIOs to factory defaults, then reflashing them and reloading the code. That will get rid of any possibility of firmware or pre-existing code being the problem. If that doesn’t work, I would try running the code with the wrong motor controller type. It should be pretty much the same besides some deadband stuff. We might be able to be more helpful if you post pictures of your Begin and Autonomous VIs.

I did upload my autonomous vi but won’t be able to upload a picture of it till tomorrow. Also here’s my begin vi. (21.2 KB) (21.2 KB)