Autonomous scoring video 1771

this is our Autonomous trailer tracking and scoring video

we are using really broken balls so it jams sometimes but it will not jam with competition balls

here is the video

Nice job guys! Looks like you will b much better at championships (and yall were amazing at Palmetto)! Have you added in any distance shooting? Do you plan to use this all of championships? Good Luck! Maybe we will play on Einstein! :smiley:

For autonomous we will not be shooting at any distance just to avoid missing shots. However, in teleoperated we will be shooting up to about 7ft away. We will be using camera tracking during teleop and it is working as of yesterday. It should give us a nice scoring boost.

Wow, 7 feet would really be amazing. It is amazingly smooth and appears super effective. It will be great to see you score in autonomous. Do you plan to ever use manual aiming ever again? Good luck getting the camera calibrated to the field. I think yall really have a great shot of going far! :smiley:

Stop being so good at fixing code problems Sean. :mad:

No but really that’s sick. I want to see 40’s first though.

One thing I was wondering is that let’s say the robot is tracking a target, but then it gets caught or stick with another robot. Will the robot continue to track the first target or will it change targets?

Also, what’s your target. I’m assuming you have a search code, but like…which robot do you look for first?

We have always been able to shoot from 0-7ft accurately it’s just without tracking its so hard to judge distance that we didnt do it. Now that we have the camera code fixed we can definitely shoot at some distance. The original design of our robot was to be a super power shooter between 0-5ft so now we should be able to utilize the full potential.


I’ll be keeping a close eye on your bot in Auto. I want to make sure it stays away from mine.

How well does it work when it has a trailer on it, and on regolith, but it’s still really really awesome. Amazing programmers.

Looks great! I can’t wait to see it this weekend.

Sean I hate you. You are just awesome. Can’t wait to play with you are Curie.

Beautiful autonomous mode, it corrects perfectly. Is that just a pid loop controlling the turning of the robot? id be willing to bet its a little more, just because of how terrifyingly smooth it is…

i think your auto mode is better than our drivers 0=

While Sean does deserve some of the flattery you folks bestow, just wanted you to know he’s not the programmer. All student-programmed, a guy named Michael is the man.

And after it shoots in autonomous, it runs back to the pits, makes espresso, delivers it to the driver, then returns to the game.

Michael is also the driver, and if the drive team continues to improve at the rate they did at Palmetto, 1771 should do very well.

Yes I definitely appreciate the compliments, but I definitely had nothing to do with the exceptional autonomous code other than maybe some very firm motivation. Our programmer, Michael, who is also the driver has really stepped up in the clutch. I am beyond impressed with him, both programming wise, and driving wise. I am also extremely proud of all of the work that everyone on the entire team has put in during the build season and in between regionals, continuing to improve our robot and team. I can’t wait to see everyone at champs and good luck to everyone.

It’s just a P loop…

  • Michael Spencer