Autonomous Scoring

Although the chances are slim, would you be allowed to pick up the opponent’s dropped ubertubes and score them on your wall?

<G11> ROBOTS may not break the plane of the CENTER LINE

If that is the case, and your adversary launches the ubertube across the field, then yes, it is possible, but either something Un-“Graciously Proffesional” is going on, or some magically amazing set of events unfolded.

This event would also require that your robot cannot only FIND ubertubes on the ground, but also pick it up and take it to the peg in whatever amount of time is left.

INCREDIBLY Unlikely, but plausible.

I would imagine that you could do that with your own team’s dropped tubes though.

It may not happen until the Championship but there will be teams that will score a ubertube go back and pick up the alliance partners unused tube and score it also.

This is my second goal for autonomous. Yes it is legal and possible. Your robots do not need to start in their respective lanes, so potentially you could have two robots right next to each other. Also the ubertube must only be in contact with your partner so after capping your you could go back and grab it. I think its possible to achieve it with a compass, gyro and rangefinder, and be fairly accurate. If you want better than about 25% with the second cap you will have to use the camera.

Our autonomous robots typically use a mixture of “blind movements” (no sensors)" dead reckoning"(anything but the camera) and the camera. If you have the camera you can do blind movements. if not stick to using feedback from the sensors. If you want any more info just ask :slight_smile:

Actually in 07 only one team achieved going back and picking up another one, also I don’t know if the contact rule was in place. It was a different control system in 07 and they only accomplished this at an offseason invitational.

I believe it could happen, whether or not it will depends more on the robot designs than the programming.

The contact rule was there:

And what happens to the ubertube after autonomous? Is it taken out of play?

It is not playable, whether or not it is removed I am not sure


<G16> UBERTUBES may not be HUNG. Violation: PENALTY

bluebox<G16> disallows an unplaced UBERTUBE to be hung, a knocked-off UBERTUBE to be rehung, or movement of an UBERTUBE to a different PEG.

Based on this rule, I don’t think it will be removed.

nope, <G11> no crossing the center line, sorry, you lose.

Sorry, I had misread the question. The only tube you could go and grab is an alliance member’s tube.