Autonomous Shooting

My team was wondering whether or not you have to shoot in the white zone or if you can move forward before you shoot. The rules are not specific to this, only stating that “any goals scored receive a five point bonus.”
All GOALS SCORED during AUTO will earn a five (5)-point bonus. If the BALL is SCORED in a HOT GOAL, the ALLIANCE earns an additional five (5)-point bonus. Each pair of an ALLIANCE’S LOW and HIGH GOALS are sequentially HOT for five (5) seconds during AUTO; the first pair to be HOT is determined randomly by the FMS. The pairs are the same for each ALLIANCE, relative to their ROBOTS’ perspective. For details regarding HOT GOAL indication, please reference The ARENA Section 2.2.3: The GOALS.

there is no rule against moving and shooting. In fact, there is a bonus for moving but you have to stay on your half of the court.

Search is your friend. No, there is no specific order you must do your autonomous in, just remember that 10 seconds is a short period of time.

Things like this are a question every year for some reason. Is it because of the game animation? What causes people to think that this could even possibly be illegal? The manual is very clear in this section.

And where the Manual leaves off, Q&A picks up.

Sometimes I wonder if the people posting questions to Q&A have read the Manual at all…