Autonomous Spike Relay problem.

Introduction - This is our first year working with autonomous mode, and we got a motor working with a jaguar. But out spike relay motor turns on, than it turns off right away. I have a timer at 5000ms and the jaguar motor runs the correct timing. I have them in a flat sequence and the safety configuration is disabled at the begining and its enabled at the end of the sequence. For teleoperated mode I have both of the same refnum names in the periodic Thats where I have all my joystick buttons at.

Answered - While the autonomous mode is running, does the periodic task run aswell?

Question - Do you have any ideas on what could be affecting it?

Sorry i don’t have the code right now, so i tired to explain the best i could. If you need more information that is given, let me know. I do appreciate any suggestions, help, and your time.

Yes. You’ll have to make sure the periodic tasks don’t undo things that you want your autonomous to do.