Autonomous Switching Questions

I am trying to wire 3 different autonomous routines to the first 3 digital Inputs on the Driver Station. I was wondering how do I wire the “get digital input VI” output to a case structure where the 3 different autonomous routines will be.

I plan on being able to throw a jumper on the 1st,2nd or 3rd digital input on the driver station and thus choosing which of the 3 routines I want right before the match.
I am also wondering what the value will be on the Input when I attach a jumper.( 1-8?, or boolean maybe)
and do i attach the jumper to +5v and Signal? or something else

Please Help

To wire switches on the driver stations to control the autonomous mode you must put the switches that decide the autonomous mode in the autonomous disabled case structure because in autonomous mode you cannot read any inputs from the driver station.

And if you’re going to use the driver station to choose a autonomous mode, use a switch wired from ground to signal, not a jumper. If you use a jumper chances are you may connect it wrong and short out the driver station (or cause it to reboot - and possibly causing more damage).

Its easier just to wire three switches on the robot to the digital side car and use those. We do that and just have our field team set the switches when they set the robot down. It is easy and simple.

Hope that helps.


Your problem is that the Digital Inputs on the DS are floating. That means that there is no guarantee which value (true or false) will be read when there is nothing connected to the input. The best way is to use a pull-up resistor (2k is probably OK) between +5 and the signal and a switch between ground and the signal. When the switch is open, the signal is pulled to +5 (true). When the switch is closed, the signal is grounded (false).

You have to read the DIs during disabled mode - where depends on whether you are running the Basic or Advanced Framework. After reading the DIs, write them to a Global that you read during Autonomous mode.

I suggest that you download FMS Lite and run it to insure that you go through the autonomous mode that you are trying to select.