Autonomous Timer Issue

I am having problems with the timer for our autonomous code in iterative command based java.
We can get our first addSequential command to run in our autonomous group but it will not stop.

Here is what we did to try to call a timer for our autonomous command group:

public static double getFPGATimestamp() {
return 0;

Does anybody have any ideas how to call a timer to test our code?

Thank you for any information you may offer.

I’m sorry I’m tired but going off of this bit of text

but it will not stop.

i think you want to put a


in your initialize() method of the command (not command group) (though I think you can set the timeout from the command group too? just do like

AutonCommand c = new AutonCommand()

if i remember correctly.

Cool, thank you we will give it a shot.

Also working from fuzzy memory, but I think you will need to call something like isTimedOut() in your isFinished() method and return true or false appropriately. If I recall correctly, setting a timeout does not mean the command will automatically be stopped.

Hope this helps,

Here is our code as of bagging up the robot. We cannot get it to move to the next steps of ArmDown, Turn. and Shoot. It just keep driving forward. If we switch code around whatever is in the top slot just keeps going on and on. So we are attaching to the code however the code does not seem to attach to a timer. So trying to attach a timer.

Public classAutonomous extends CommandGroup

public static double getFPGATimestamp() {
return 0;

public  Autonomous() {  
	addSequential(new DriveForward(3.0));
	addParallel(new ArmDown());
	addSequential(new Turn(2.0));
	addSequential(new Shoot(2.0));

I did not see the source for your DriveForward command. I’m guessing it should look something like the following:

public class DriveForward extends Command {
	private double timeToRun;

	public DriveForward(double timeout) {
		timeToRun = timeout;

	protected void initialize() {

	protected void execute() {
		// Change to method to apply power to your drivetrain
		drivetrain.setPower(0.4, 0.4);

	protected boolean isFinished() {
		return (timeSinceInitialized() >= timeout);

	protected void end() {
		// Don't forget to stop
		drivetrain.setPower(0, 0);

	protected void interrupted() {

Is it possible that your isFinished() implementation was not checking that enough time had elapsed? If your isFinished() never returns true and you don’t set a time out to interrupt your DriveCommand, the command will never stop and your robot will just keep going forward (which sounds like the condition you were describing).

Also, don’t forget to stop the motors in your end() and interrupted() methods - unless you want the robot to continue to move even after the command terminates.

So you are putting the timer in the Drive Forward code not the Autonomous code. I have seen several ways. I think I like this one best. I will give it a shot. Thank you very much.