Autonomous to Manual control?

Hey guys! Just posting for some help with C. We have the IR code and alternative code done and they are working fine but how do we set a button or something to press o nthe joystick to switch to manual, or will the judges send out a signal to the bots changing it fro mmanual to autonomous or what? The whole transition is rather confusing to me, wow, I sound like a complete n00b. Anywayz, thanks guys.

The software that controls the matchs automatically switch from auton mode to manual control mode. You will not be able to control that switch in competition but you can create a dongle to activate auton for practice sessions. To do so, search for the yellow dongle white paper on here (i think).[/quote]

Unfortunately,the yellow dongle white paper was written in 2001, before we had autonomous, so that isn’t included. It also shows an LED connected to pin 1, which will void your warranty.

The schematic that shows the autonomous switch is availible from innovation first: However, when I build it, I generally do not include SW3, I just short pin 12 to ground (8)

sooo, basically their super duper master controller will send something to our operator interface which will start the robot’s auton section and after 15 secs their super master controller tells it to exit auton mode and go to the non auton mode?

basically, yes. a specific pin sets the status as to whether autonomous mode is enabled or not, and another pin sets whether the robot is disabled or not. the autonomous pin state is represented in code by the variable “autonomous_mode” - it will be a true value if auto mode is on, and 0 if not.

To put it that way yeah thats what happens and if you want help on a dongle, feel free to pm me here on the CD forums or im me on aim at dezdezdez25