Autonomous Trial and ERROR

Thought I would share a couple clips. We were testing our autonomous for our upcoming event this week. It was more of trial and ERROR. More error than trial. By the end of the night we cleaned up the programming issues

First clip is our robot running autonomous with reversed values = Mentor being run over.

Second clip we corrected the values issue…we thought. turns out we didn’t add a stop to the autonomous = robot wiping out chairs, table and projector stand, the only reason it stopped was because it disconnected its self from the drivers station and it pulled it on the floor.

Disclaimer no children, mentors, robots, computers or school property were harmed or destroyed.:smiley:

You guys should really keep your finger on that Enter button on your driverstation. xD :smiley:

It disables the code running on the bot btw…Alternate to emergency stop.

Also was that motion profiling there in the second video?

Gotta disable that way faster. Robots can hurt and break things.

One thing we normally do is test the robot on blocks once or twice before putting it on the. That way you can verify these sorts of things, like do the wheels spin the right way? and do they spin for the desired time/distance? The nice thing is encoders still work when the wheels are spinning in the air.