Autonomous vs. Tele-op

Could an alliance decide not to ‘score’ during the Autonomous mode and then use all three balls during tele-op? This would create a great advantage for alliances that can successfully pass and toss over the truss.

If an alliance can keep balls until tele-op, it is to their advantage to use those three to rack up ‘assist’ and ‘truss’ points - however they lose time.

What loopholes am I missing?

The first CYCLE doesn’t begin until all AUTONOMOUS balls are scored. All TELEOP scoring must occur during a CYCLE.

I am almost positive you can’t receive assist points until all 3 balls from auton are scored. Thus a new ball comes into play and you start to earn assist points.

Assist and truss points are only counted once per cycle. you can’t just continually pass balls and gain points. Until a ball is scored, no points will be awarded for actions completed with other balls.

Points are awarded once per CYCLE for BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS in the GOALS, BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS over the TRUSS, and for each ROBOT CATCH. Additional points are credited to an ALLIANCE upon each GOAL based on the number of ASSISTS earned by the ALLIANCE for that CYCLE.

A BALL is considered SCORED in an ALLIANCE’S GOAL if

a ROBOT causes one (1) of their ALLIANCE’S BALLS to cross completely through the opening(s) of one (1) of their ALLIANCE’S GOALS without intervening human contact,
the ALLIANCE ROBOT last in contact with the BALL was entirely between the TRUSS and their ALLIANCE’S HIGH GOALS, and
the BALL is not in contact with any ROBOT from that ALLIANCE.

A CYCLE is the series of events that recur regularly, and each CYCLE begins with an ALLIANCE member retrieving their BALL from their lit PEDESTAL and ends when the BALL is SCORED in a GOAL. Major events in a CYCLE are depicted in Figure 3-1

also, the cycle begins in teleop, not autonomous.

also, the cycle begins in teleop, not autonomous.

So definitively - a cycle only starts in tele-op? In other words, only a ‘Human Player’ can start a cycle after all the autonomous balls have been ‘scored’.

So if you miss in autonomous you are in big trouble because you have to score that ball before you can actually start getting points?

And I am almost positive your post helps no one. Quote a rule or don’t post, “almost positives” don’t help anyone.

So if you miss in autonomous you are in big trouble because you have to score that ball before you can actually start getting points?

From the manual

Although an ALLIANCE may start a MATCH with up to three (3) BALLS, the PEDESTAL will only be illuminated when the last BALL that started the MATCH is SCORED, effectively reducing the number of BALLS in play per ALLIANCE to one (1).

So essentially you have to score those balls that started the match before you can start the cycles. This means you get no points unless these balls are scored, since points are given once in every cycle.

I do believe I was right, I’m sorry if I didn’t have time to go back to the rules and cite a specific rule, I gave the gentleman the correct answer, there was no need to be so harsh about my statement. I read the rules, I do believe I know what is going on.

It’s fine, just with the flurrying amount of people with questions, and in order to answer all questions as much as possible and get people to read the manual more, the greater CD community is asking for people to be absolutely certain of their answers and point to the specific rules involved.

Keep that in mind for next time you answer someone’s question :slight_smile: