Autonomous Watchdog Issues

We are having issues with our watchdog in our autonomous routine. We currently are inputting the code into the “Autonomous Iterative” vi in the “Execute” case. Whenever we try to activate this code while running, the watchdog immediately kills the bot.

The current code is using a sequence structure to input values into the “Arcade Drive” vi. It does this once in each frame, with a timer in each frame as well. There are two frames, and the timer values are 5000 and 3000 respectively.

Unfortunately I cannot get a screenshot of the code to upload, so this description is all I can give.

Autonomous Iterative is designed to run once for every DS packet like the Teleop VI. If you want to use a sequence structure, the first step to addressing your issue is likely to use Autonomous Independent instead.

The next step is to make sure that you are feeding the Watchdog during your autonomous routine. When you say there is a timer in each frame, are you referring to the Watchdog Delay and Feed VI? If not replacing the timers with this VI should address the issue.

I’m experimenting with Java as a potential platform for programming in '10, but I’ve run into a block. Here’s where I got:

Re-imaged my cRIO - however during re-imaging I just realized that I did NOT check “Format Controller” - anyone know if this is potentially the source of my problems?

Tried to load code. What happens when I load code is that it goes through the first few dozen steps, then gets to “rebooting your cRIO” and seems to get stuck (I’ve left it for 20+ minutes, came back, found no difference).

The “Getting Started With Java” pdf doesn’t really give any troubleshooting - it just says press the run button to load code.

Any ideas?

When we started a new project in LabVIEW, there was no watchdog feed in the default code for autnomous iterative. Look at Autonomous Independent for an example, copy the watchdog and feed blocks, and paste them into Autonomous Iterative. That cured the problem.