We have been able to get teleop working on the FCS, but we can not get the autonomous working. Anyone have any idea on how to do that?

Explain what you can not get working, I would be happy to help you. First what are you programming it in?

The documentation says to put a checkmark in the box next to the Autonomous Time Period, and it should run autonomous before teleop. Is that what you’re trying? Do the sound files play when you expect them?

We are trying to get a program from labview to run on autonomous using the FCS, we can not get the program to run directly from the FCS to the brick, it always says that you need a program running, but that is not what we want it to do. We want it to automatically start the program when we hit start match.

I’m a mentor for this team. Let me add the following infomration:

  • On the laptop, you have LabVIEW open and the laptop is directly connected via USB to the NXT
  • You have an autonomous program called “AutoX”.
  • You compile and download that to the NXT
  • The NXT now has a number of programs including “AutoX”
  • Next, you compile and download “TeleX” for the teleoperated program.
  • On the NXT you use Program_Chooser and select “TeleX”.
  • You disconnect the laptop from NXT and the NXT is plugged into the Samantha unit
  • You fire up FCS and configure for both Autonomous and Teleoperated modes
  • You start the FCS…

QUESTION: I know that once the teleop period starts, the “TeleX” program will run because you used the Program_Chooser. HOWEVER, what causes the “AutoX” program to run as the “autonomous” program? I think that if we answer that, we may be golden.

-Ted Dressel

I’m not even close to an expert on the system, so I might be totally off base here, but I thought that you cause the “autonomous” program to run. Don’t you have to select and start it at the beginning of the match?

Try using the development mode of the FCS and trying to run Autonomous after running Teleop. If I’m reading the documentation right, there ought to be some sort of message telling you what the proper steps are for getting Autonomous to run.

Thats true but I think that on the computer there should be some sort place you can go to select the auto programs so that they can run on FCS.

Unless something has dramatically changed from years past, there is no way for the FCS to know which autonomous to run. You must start autonomous yourself, and if you used the template correctly, then when you hit start match your autonomous will begin and switch to teleop at the appropriate time. It’s a hassle, but I’m afraid that’s the only way.

How do you do that? we have not been able to get the computer to detect an auto program, even if its running.

As far as my understanding is, for auto you have to press the run button on the NXT, but the program will not run until the start match button is pressed on the FCS. The problem that we are having is that when the run button is pressed on the NXT it starts to run, and when we push the start match button on the FCS, the NXT does nothing. What are we soposed to do?