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I’m curious as to what some teams are doing in regards to Autonomous? Are you using the Kinect or are you using vision tracking/dead reckoning?

We’re using the Kinect. With the Kinect, we can get a 6pt shot in, as well as tip the neutral bridge in order to secure the cache of balls placed atop it.


we actually just got an autonmous finished last night, we shoot the 2 shots and make them 9 out of 10 and we backup tip down the ramp and shoot at least two balls from the bridge and we have made about half from the bridge. all autonomous with no kinect

Quite impressive! Pics/video?

We are working on the programming for a “better” autonomous now, but my team found that using the Kinect was a programming hurdle they weren’t really willing to undertake. As much as I have seen in matches in my area, only 1(ish) team has been able to make it work, and it wasn’t always effective. However, Bill dropped by the pit of another team and told them to get used to the kinect because it will be a bigger part of the game next year… :eek:

Team 45 just got our autonomous firing pretty accurately today. We do a simple lock on a 2-pt target and adjust for distance with the camera.

Our practice bot with Kinect on board…

If you want to see something similar to this, check out 341s autonomous. They have a 5 ball auto mode that has worked in competition. This is what happened in one of the auto modes.

Actually, that was the alliance we were playing against at the time (go 2016/346/708)…but 341’s does rock! (As does 341 itself)

I think they’ve had 5-ball autons, but definitely 4/5 is pretty consistent:
From Horsham: Q20, Q41 (it’s a low angle shot, but you get the gist)

As for 1640, we can usually hit 1-2/2 in middle or low. There’s a potential for a bridge tip code-wise, but the bridge manipulator is new. We’ll see this weekend.

4159 played around on the practice field at sacramento and we just tested different speeds and we have a very solid autonomous. Originally, we were supposed to just barely be touching the front/flat lined part of the key, but due to other robots needing that space we just moved it over to the side and got really good at aiming it at the hoop. I would say we may it about 7/10 times. The front one is a bit more accurate, but the side one is more practical.

FIRST Team 1296 uses a script-driven autonomous mode. We can FTP scripts written in a simple language w/o changing the firmware. So far we use it to take 2 shots, back up and tip the center bridge. We are hoping to get to the point where we can shoot those balls from the center bridge. When we move, it is by dead reckoning using the encoders on the wheels to measure distance.