aux analog

whats the aux analog on the joystick?

on the KOP white joysticks it is connected to a series of resistors that connect to the thumb switch on the handle. connect one to the OI and read the values from the dashboard.

if i had one in front of me i would look it up myself but there in storage right now

Traditionally, on analog joysticks the AUX channel was tied to a throddle control, for flight simulators. In some other joysticks, its tied to the hat switch, such as the white(current?)KoP joysticks. If you make a custom controller, linear pots still work on this channel, so your really unlimited in what you can do with it.

I’m assuming you are using the white joystick from the KOP, so here it goes. It is kind of hard to describe the positioning of them, but if I remember correctly on the top of the joystick there is a button that acts sort of as another joystick, you can push forward, left, etc. A little down and left from that, there are two buttons, above and below eachother. One of these is aux 1, the other is aux2, but I cant remember which is which. To use these buttons, assuming you have the joystick into port 1, would be p1_sw_aux1 (or aux2). That is all I can remember right now, hope it helps.

Everyone so far has been describing the WHEEL input. The AUX analog is a pin on the OI’s joystick port that isn’t connected to anything in either the old black CH Flightsticks or the new white A/B joysticks. You can attach your own 100K variable resistor to it if you want.