AVA Compitition rules question?

my question is about 3rd party apps for this
i am wondering if we can finnaly put an end to the constant post-preduction question

  1. I know i can use video post for diffrent cameras and i know how. the question is if i have multiple files (not just individual cameras) that i render i will still need to paste those clips together somehow like using final cut. (unless there is someway to do this with max itself) i see nothing against this in the rules and i am not sure if some teams are just making more work for themselves. if it is in the rules could someone post a quote of the section prohibiting it
  2. if i wanted to use like a house i made in Architechtural Desktop or the robot i made in Inventor am i allowed to import and use them in the video becasue it seems to me they want everything made in max itself.

i tried to search for these questions but i found no definitive answeres
if there is a previous thread that adresses this just direct me there
thx in advance
-bill :]

You can use other software (like Inventor and PhotoShop) to create elements that you bring into Max. Many teams have done that in the past, and that’s what professionals do in the “real world”.

We use Adobe Premiere Elements to do the final video editing (and we note that on our entry form). It’s relatively inexpensive and Video Post just seems too awkward.

What you can’t do is use another 3D package (Maya, Lightwave, etc.) to create the actual animation.

Well, I think most teams use Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro for post-production. We use Premiere. There is no rule against 3rd party software for post-production, since Autodesk does not provide any for us. I read something about Autodesk providing software called Combustion for us to use, but it is only a suggestion for us to use it.

About importing, I think importing files is fine as long as its coming from an Autodesk product (if 3DS MAX imports it, its probably ok anyway). Last year we imported our robot from Inventor without a hitch.

EDIT: Maya is NOT ok. Just to clear that up.

How is Autodesk going to know what you used to edit the video? They’re getting a MOV file. It doesn’t come with a program name attached to it and there are plenty of programs that do it.

thanks very much for the confermations on this guys
this is what i thought but wanted to make sure
if there is anyone who belives differently than those posted please comment


This is my first year working on the Visualization award, and I’m a little confused as to the animation rules… It states that “Credits may follow that still frame.”

Would this be the 5 second slate? In other words, are we required to place credits before the animation, or are we allowed to show credits after the 1 second of black following the animation?

Although I’ve read the criteria, what is best to focus in the animation? Finally, simply out of curiosity, how far are some of you experienced teams by this point in the competition?


Thats why they give us the choice to use what we want. As long as the animation part is made in 3ds max, you’re fine.

I’m 80% sure they want the credits at the end. It does not really matter, because I’ve seen animations that put them after the 5-sec slate and they weren’t disqualified. Ours was at the end, and the winning animation had the credits at the end, so thats your safest bet.

As far as the best focus, just to have a focused point is very good. Make sure your idea makes sense and brings an important message.

Our team just finished storyboarding yesterday, and we start animating today.

It’s sad you can only use 3DS Max. It feels like FIRST kinda sold out. I was hoping to use a combination of Blender and Cryengine 2, but it turns out FIRST is ignoring open source. :frowning:

That’s because it’s an Autodesk sponsored contest and 3D Studio Max is an Autodesk product. They are not going to say it’s OK if you use our rivals programs instead of ours to accomplish your goals. That’s like Windows saying it’s OK to use Leopard if they were sponsoring a programming contest.

Then I’d be wondering why Microsoft would be sponsoring the programming test in the first place. Oh well . . . it’s just me ranting, that’s all.

FIRST is a great way for Autodesk to gain a foothold in engineering. When tens of thousands of high school students grow up using Autodesk products, Autodesk becomes their comfort zone. Then, when they go into a company and have some influence on purchasing decisions, they’ll naturally choose Autodesk products.

One potential success that will come out of sponsoring FIRST and other programs like PLTW is Autodesk Inventor. Maybe more engineers experienced with Inventor from high school will push it instead of Solidworks, UG, or whatever.