Availability of 6061 2x1x.065W

Previous (closed) thread on the subject: 2x1x1/16th Aluminum Extrusion Availability (East Coast)

Here’s an east-coast source for 2" x 1" rectangular tube, .065" wall, 6061 aluminum.

D & M Metal and Industrial Sales
527 J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Unit C
Newport News, VA 23601
office: 757-594-8052
fax: 757-594-8053

At the time of writing, it’s only available in 61" lengths. D&M’s upstream supplier currently has 25 pieces at 61" LG but can get more.

Has anyone found more suppliers of this stuff? Alro has stopped carrying it. All Metal Sales up in Cleveland has it, but wants $11.48/foot (@60 ft quantity), which is insane.

I love MetalMart (southeast Michigan). We purchased 24 ft of 6061 2x1x.065 for around $57 this season. I don’t know if they do shipping or what they would charge. They are familiar with FRC though, so there is that (the first time I wandered in this season they had the tax exempt forms all set and ready for the influx of school associated purchases).

Metal Mart
31164 Dequindre Rd
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 977-5820

Word of caution, their website triggers the chrome malware detector, and doesn’t have particularly up-to-date info on stock anyway. I would recommend calling.

We used 6063 from onlinemetals.com comes in up to 8ft lengths (8’ is only $25.34)

Thanks for the info for 6061

Thanks for the info Nate! Do you have a price per piece or lb? I know that the market price varies over time, but we placed an order for 6063 a few times this year and could compare the price difference vs our needs.

This was back in January. I paid $557 total for 15 pcs, each 61" LG ($.60/in). Compare to VersaFrame 2x1x.10" W at $.42/in

If you look at $/lb you’ll be misled… we’re actually paying a premium to get less lbs.

Would people be interested in buying this for $3.60 per foot ($.30 per inch).

This is real deal, 2x1x.063 6061-T651.


The minimum order size I was quoted from a local supplier for this ‘specialty’ metal was $5000. Given the types of mechanisms and drive trains I saw at our events, I don’t know the local teams would want to do that big of a purchase. So if there’s a way to get smaller order quantities, then yep - 100%.

Depending on shipping, 2826 is good for 128’ (assuming 16 @ 8’ea)

We used this as our new “Wonder material” this year, allowing us to do some awesome structures for very little weight.

We pretty much bought this from:

Online metals - Big ripoff. They sourced from Alcoa directly but their finishing (cut to length) and packaging was awful. Literally 13 of the 25 @ 4’ I ordered was severely scratched, dented or downright mauled.

Amazon - Small parts substore has it, but they are pretty pricey. I needed 2 quickly and it’s hard to beat Prime shipping

McMaster - At 3.25 per ft, it’s a bit less expensive than Adam’s but it is 6063 (http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-aluminum-hollow-tubing/=x1bd1h)

Now if you find a source for 2x2x063, please let me know…

We bought some 2x2x.060 in 6061 a few years back. Super useful, on mobile atm will post link later.

Probably, depending on shipping.

All right.

973 will set this up as a fundraiser, and will be ready to start shipping by July 1st. We will likely commit to something along the lines of shipping every two weeks during offseason (or sooner), and a tighter schedule during season.

Shipping would be UPS.

Most convenient would be buying per 20’. So 4x 5’ or 2x 8’ and a 4’ remnant. +/- .125 cut tolerance.

At 6 feet lengths or smaller, 3-6 pieces should cost around $12-15 (West coast to east coast). This is dependant mainly on box size and carrier service.

Adam, count us in for an order or two. Thanks for putting this together.

Might stick to 5’ lengths due to shipping costs.

That might actually be a decent size since I’m guessing a lot of teams want to use them on WCD, it would allow a front and back extend the full length (assuming historical rules and that a team would want a 28"x28" robot and their design uses a full length front bar structure).

Off topic, but have teams used 0.065" wall for WCD in the past? How did it hold up to defense?

We’ve used it every season for front/rear rails, and for the siderails on an offseason proto.

If the ends are exposed, they are vulnerable to impact.

Exposed faces can get dinged/dented, but this isn’t really an issue (bumpers usually cover this anyway).

Biggest issue is the integration of bearings in the side rail. Traditional bearing blocks don’t play nice with 1/16" wall. The clamp on vex/WCP blocks would work great though.

Team 4329 would be interested. I’ve also sent a note out to the greater STL area teams to see if anyone else wants some. We could serve as the local pickup point for a group buy.