Available Michigan Practice Fields?

I’m from Metro Detroit, and I’m wondering if there are any full practice fields near Detroit. Any help is appreciated!

Usually Novi (Frog Force Team 503), will have a full field for team use. They may post about it, in a week or so, if they are planning on doing so.

We currently have some goals set up and are building 1 pyramid. We MIGHT have a full field towards the end of build season.
E-mail us when you need to start practicing and we might be able to work something out.


2851, you are great hosts. It’s just a little far for us. If nothing else, we will make the hike. Novi is about the same distance. I just wish I could find one within 15-20 minutes.

Doesn’t the Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ) usually have a field? I’d try checking with them. (A little speculative, I know. Probably worth a shot, though.)

They have the climbing tower and one goal in a very small working space, but that’s probably where we are going to perfect our climb mech. on. There’s little to no driving space.

There’s a good chance I’ll have a space in Troy that could fit a practice field by the first week in February, however I don’t have field elements and my teams’ elements are at our build space (and I wouldn’t trust our pyramid with another robot anyway). If said space is obtained I’d have no problems opening it up to any team interested (with a minimal amount of beauruecracy hopefully). It’s already fully carpeted and we’ll be replacing the carpet in a few months anyway so I’m not worried about beating it up. I’ll post if/when I do get everything secured, and feel free to post/PM me to check on progress.

Wow…this sounds great :slight_smile: I will try to get the field elements, and I will most definitely keep in touch.

The MEZ has space for about 1/4 field. Given the size of this year’s field elements this year it ends up being more of a testing field than a practice field. They do have the team built elements from the Detroit Kickoff.

We are building a field right now. If you would want to use it I’m sure there would be no problem.