Avatar and Who-Am-I picture?

Yeah sorry if your reading this and it a total waste of your time but um…how do I get a picture (of myself) and an avatar up?

IM me snwbrdng252

at the top of the page it says user cp. click on that and there are options on the side. you can change your avatar and so on…

For a picture of yourself just upload a picture of yourself to the Who Am I? gallery.

I have been wondering that aswell, but don;t feel bad, at least you found out how to create a thread. I havent gotten that far yet. =)

Click on Forums or www.chiefdelphi.com/forums , Select the appropriate board and on the bottom should be a button for a new thread.

ok good i was wondering that too…thanks :cool:

In the upper right-ish area, there is a ‘search’ link. My first suggestion is to do that. Second, if that doesnt help, throw a new thread in the ‘Forum Help’ forum, and (like what just happened) someone will point you in the right direction.

(You can get to the Who Am I? gallery be clicking the “Picture Galleries” link at the top of the page.)