Avatar Sizes

I’ve noticed that the avatar are to be 80x80 pixils, and I know AIM requires I think a 50x50, and MSN is 100x100, I’m finding it hard to actually find pictures that I like and can fit your Requirements, so if it i possible, could that size be changed to 100x100? If not that is ok, I just wanted to be able to use the avatar I actually have on my computer.

The avatar size is set at 80x80 to match the photo galleries thumbnail size. Can you resize your 100x100 avatar to 80x80?

Scratches head I might be able to if I knew how, though the ones have are GIF format, and animated

I truly know absolutely nothing about the coding behind this, but is there a way that the avatar could be automatically resized (just like a thumbnail) once uploaded?


You can resize your avatars/images on that site to whatever size you want. I’ve had no problems with reduced image quality from it by resizing a 100x100 avatar to 80x80. Enjoy, and let me know if it works for you.

EDIT: I just tried it with a .gif and it works perfectly. Just input the image, click view, then the resize tab, enter 80x80, and then click the resize button. Then right click the image and save as, or copy the image location.

Thank you, it actually works quite well as you can probably see by my avatar

No problem, I’m glad that I could help. :cool: