Avatars (2018)

Can anyone direct us where to submit our avatar? Has it opened yet? We haven’t heard much regarding it. Any help is awesome, thanks!

Heres the blog post discussing the submission system. It is currently open.

Does anyone know of a final deadline to get these in?

There isn’t a deadline to get them submitted, but approval of the avatar takes time (per the blog post), so it would be a good idea to get them in early. I think before bag day is a good deadline to set.

Thanks from 5920 VIKotics we have our avatar in.

FYI - It appears avatars are showing up on The Blue Alliance.

Where are these to be found on Blue Alliance? Any specific teams to check theirs out that are available to view?

Ours is up: https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/358

On the FIRST website it’s here: https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2018/team/358

I thought I read they’ll be accepting avatar submissions until April. But can’t find that anymore.

See it. Didn’t know where to look. Thanks.

Its a little hard to find but TBA has a page dedicated to them.


Is there a limit on the number of avatars that the TBA link can display? The current display (apparently a single page) seems to cut off at the mid-5000s, eliminating avatars of all the teams submissions with higher team numbers.

This is a bit anecdotal, but I was looking at TBA earlier today and there wasn’t any sort of cutoff. (Side note: We’re the last team on the cutoff - that’s close!)

Caching bug on our end. We couldn’t cache the entire page at once (it’s too big), so I split up the caching into separate shards, but it seems like it misses some of the shards on retrieval.

I’ll investigate.

Good luck fixing it. [Looks like you’re being limited to a single page, with the the top third of avatars through the early 1000s currently missing]

Should be fixed now.