AVB joysticks..and other analogue joysticks

i was wondering if anyone not using it…
because our team is looking for left and right handed joysticks.
i found GenX500 series from Quick Shot, but they dont seem to make them anymore.

also i contacted Dalco.com, the website where Quick Shot Products are sold… And they had this joystick where both right and left can use. Then they say they do not ship their products to Canada. :eyebrow:

so i was wondering if anyone knows a product or products that are in Analogue and can use left or both hands

btw, are we allowed to use USB-15pin converter???

First of all, there’s no leftys in anyones kit.
Second, I’d just ask a states-side team to ship it to you and have the web site ship to them.

But yes, we probably aren’t using the new 'sticks

It likely won’t work.

They make such a product?

If you can find some older joystics, there some ambidextrous ones that are analog. We have some older Saitek joysticks that can be adjusted to fit various sized hands, left/right, etc. One is analog and one is multi-mode. We got them cheap at a computer show/sale a few years ago. Unfortunately, most everyone has jumped on the USB bandwagon. Look for some older top-of-the-line adjustable sticks. Or you may be able to adapt an analog unit from Playstation or something like that if you’re handy with simple electronics. Good luck.

The port pins are the same as on a pc. (And in a pc, there are to vlotages: 12 & 5) If it woks on a pc, it should work on the OI.

ok Quick SHot doesnt make GenX500L anymore…:frowning:
i just received the response.
im gonna try that changing the circuit procedure with USB joysticks.