Average Ranking Points?

So this year’s game provides some options in regards to obtaining RP.

How many RP do you think alliance captains at Regional and District events will have going into selection?

I’m thinking if a team wins 10 of their 12 matches at districts, they get 20 RP, and then if during 5 of their 12 matches, they earn additional RP for accomplishing the specified tasks, they’ll be sitting pretty with 25 RP…

So, how many RP do you think on average teams will have, and how many do you think a contention team will have?

I think that the top teams initially will probably sit closer to 28 RP for initial events and bump past 30 as we head into late March and April. Championships will probably see close to 35 RP hit by the top teams.

You are both way too high.

10.4.3 Qualification Ranking

The total number of Ranking Points earned by a Team throughout their Qualification MATCHES divided by the number of MATCHES they’ve been scheduled to play (minus any SURROGATE MATCH) is their Ranking Score (RS).

A perfect Ranking Score is 4.0

That’s a huge change from the past, but at the end of Friday when some teams have played 6 and other teams have played 7 matches, the rankings will be closer to accurate.

It’s still technically the same kind of scoring but just presented differently.

Yeah. It makes no difference after quals are over. Just makes it more accurate during the event.

I agree, 28 is a much more solid number for this…

Right now, I’m trying to determine the fastest way to achieve consistent RP while maintaining a high score.

So far, I believe that shooting 120 balls, then going for gear placement is an effective strategy.

I really appreciate that FIRST is making this change. Finally, I no longer have to explain to people the issue of being “behind” in the rankings because other teams have played more matches than us, or explain to students why being 1 at the beginning of a round of matches doesn’t mean anything.

OP did say ranking points rather than ranking score. I think OP meant average as in “typical” rather than the arithmetic average.

Thank you for the clarification.


For a district event with 12 matches, i think to seed high you will need to average 2 rp a match. With 24 rp i think you will be an alliance captain. The #1 robot might get a third rp in a few matches, so a total rp of 25-28. I dont think it will be likely for any robots to get 4 rp in one match in a district or regional.