Average Regional Events per Team?

I’m looking for data on average number events attended per team. I’ve seen it but I cannot find it so I’m hoping that someone can provide a link or any other useful info…
Our team is currently fighting to get our local school superintendent to approve our team’s travel to California to attend a second regional event.

  • We are located in Idaho
  • We have team raised money
  • We’re registered for Sacramento and Idaho

Any data on long-term team sustainability of multiple event teams (it was mentioned on FIRST Texas’s FAQ about districts) would also be great…

Any other useful data to help convince those in power that this IS useful, IS unique, and WILL positively impact our team. Thanks!

If you want to pull the data yourself, check out the TBA API. You could quickly and easily write a program to get the full list of teams (endpoint “/teams/{page_num}/keys”) and then loop over those teams to get every event they’ve participated in (end point “/team/{team_key}/events/simple”). Loop over those events and look at the year, compile some stats or spit stuff out to a CSV you can import into excel.

If you want less work, you can always go with the latest from the yearly registration thread. Look through that thread (and similar titled threads from previous years) and you’ll get some nice stats.

Good timing, I actually was looking at these numbers last night. Based on the data presented by Mark McLeod here, that was taken before 3rd play registration opened up, the average number of events attended per team playing in the regional system was 1.25. (i.e. 25% of teams were registered for two events) I would expect this number to go up once all the waitlists are cleared. Traditionally, the average rate of teams attending more than 1 regional hovered between 30-35%, but I don’t have the data handy to back those rates up.

Based on the official numbers I’ve seen in the past the average number of Regionals per team is in that 1.3-1.35 as Karthik mentioned.

Regarding your problem the best argument is attending a 2nd regional allows the tem to get the full engineering experience. While attending a single event only gives you about 30-40% of the benefits that the teams that attend 2 events get.

The Regional is your “real world test” of your creation. The second event gives you the opportunity to improve your performance based on what you learned at your first event.

This of course is why I’m such a strong proponent of the District system and was a strong advocate for including ID in the PNW district.

I happen to have those numbers available from another TBA scrape I did a while ago. Ignoring all of the other information here, there are 2113 teams that attended at least one regional in 2018*, and 3024 total regional spots**. That gives an average of 1.43 regionals/team in 2018.

  • i.e. 2113 distinct entries in the “Team” column
    ** i.e. 3024 total entries

And if you’re looking for data behind “more regionals = better performance”, I also have this relatively simple graph from a previous project.
(Click to enlarge)

As you (and hopefully whoever you are trying to convice) can see, average champs performance increases as the number of pre-champs events attended increases.