Average Scoring for Individual Bots

Has anyone been keeping individual robots stats at any of the regionals? We tried to track every goal scored (high or low) and ramp points for the WMR. Our ranking system maintained a scoring average for each robot during the qualification matches. Since the points scored in auto mode can get the bonus 10 pts., we used a 1.33 multiplier for those. Below are some of the results. Does anyone have any stats like this from some of the other regionals?

85 52.3
70 32.7
451 31.9
27 31.7
494 27.6
107 24.1
322 23.6 (Amazing for a low goal shooter)
201 23.4 (How did they not get picked?)
858 23.4
234 23.1
74 20.9
66 18.6
1256 17.6
302 17.6
910 17.4

our scouting master did an awsome job this year (way to go courtney) and made sure we all sorts of stats i dont have the numbers with me right now for FLR but can hopefully pot at a later date.

You really need to account for scoring “efficiency” as well as for the score. A robot that scores an average of 30 points, but converts less than 50% of attempts is not as valuable to an alliance as a robot that averages 30 points but converts 75%+. Good scouting teams are not only keeping track of average scores, but they are also factoring in the percentage of completions (scoring efficiency) in ranking the best shooters. You don’t want a partner that wastes all the balls (and precious time) just to get 30 points.

I don’t have any data from other regionals, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. This is great information!! This is great stuff to have in-hand as we all head to Atlanta. I do have one question, though. Is this the average over 9 qualifying matches? I only ask because my team (322) had one match where we didn’t move at all. Darn battery switch! Thanks to our wonderful alliance mates, we still “won”, but scored zero points.

Kelly :slight_smile:

This is an interesting post ,the numbers for team 107 is correct but we were dq in a match so there is 0 averaged instead of 67 .I think we were better than he numbers show.I am sad we are not going to Atlanta. I might show up to cheer for team 85 and say hello to old friends if time allow.I couldn’t believe 201 didn’t get picked they had very good machine.But that can happen when you go to west Michigan there are so many good teams.The fourth seed beat us by 1 3 point ball in 3rd match .Watching the 1 seed and the 8th seed play it was hard to tell what alliance was the one seed .I think that new picking was a huge disadvantage at this regional and you could see the same thing at Atlanta.

Jim schaddelee

ive already started a post that is very similar

by the way dylan, the radioshack award last year was at buckeye, so it kinda isnt 2 years running since it was won at a different event

Low shooters which win autonomous mode should get these points counted double, not just 1.33…1726 won auton in quite a few qualifying matches at Phoenix and Davis by shooting 6-10 balls in.

Although you really need to separate the bonus points out, if more than one team scores in auton, which does happen occasionally.

I know that 93 had a similar database to this at Wisconsin.

Personally, I know we were scoring 30-40 points a match on average, sometimes more. We just grabbed and dumped into 1-point, then were a pain in the behind to the other teams while we were on defense. We had 2 Andymark’s on our drivetrain and every intention to use them!

Well as for alliances, in the Elims at NJ,

QF1: 94 & 100 pts
SF1: 95 & 116 pts
F: 78 (to 71 - awesome defense!) & 96 pts
Average: 96.5 pts

'twas 25+103+1279

You guys were great. I didn’t see too many of your matches but you did good. Too bad your not going to Nationals, you could of done good there. Anyhoo, I wish we could of done this points system with other regionals, but thats never going to happen.

Actually, we have a similar scoring system and we tend to believe that comes out in the wash. If YYY scores 5 balls in auton out of ten by spraying out 10 balls vs. team XXX who takes forever to line up and scores 5 balls, well it doesn’t really matter to me. Each has scored 5 points. Doesn’t matter to me, each is just as useful to the alliance, in my opinion. If they miss a lot of balls, this will probably figure into their average.

I don’t figure their average including anything for bonus points. Not all good autons win bonus points and not all bonus point winning autons are good. We generally make a list of overall score and cross reference it with auton score (go sort function)

at any rate, I’m going to see how long I can keep the pocket PC on to type in scores, here we go.

I believe that lower goal scoring made a lot of difference in these rankings. This is total score average. The defense at this regional was amazing. As I look at this list, most of them also play great defense.

Chesapeake Regional
293-29 3rd Seed, great shooter, great looking, everyone wanted this one.
341-25.7 12th seed, Great robot, our first pick of the teams lower than us
56-25.5 11th seed, Really nice robot, I believe they made it a lot shorter for
this regional
399-23.29 16th seed, Excellent robot, probably should have been picked
175-20.1 4th Seed, Champions, someone else describe it, I can’t :slight_smile:
1389-19.29 38th Seed these guys were a 2nd round pick, should have gone a
lot earlier
1629-18 1st seed, very good robot, definitely wanted to be with them,
225-16.63 10th seed, Only lower score, great, consistent auton
237-16.29 13th seed, Very good upper scoring, excellent turret
888-15.86 5th seed, Good shooter, one of the best during match play, Finalist
103-14.71 22nd seed, Interesting system, unique robot
484-13.86 9th seed, Lower goal robot, consistent scorer
612-13.83 20th seed, Very nice machine, good all around, Chairmans award
winners (yeah, I know not the robot)
836-13.02 27th seed, great robot, good scoring during match, def. on our list
181-12.42 2nd seed, solid all around robot, would kick but with auton, Finalist
339-11.57 24th seed, the only top of ramp robot at the regional, very good,
got on to ramp in auton, hard to stop
1111-10.38 7th seed, shooting pretty good, lower quite good
1184-10.14 39th seed, Lower goal, good pusher, great ramp, Champions

Thats definite evidence for the fact that seed does not necessarily represent robot scoring ability.

This link refers to the alliance average scores. The data that was listed at the top was for individual robots, not alliances. There were nine matches at WMR and this data does not include DQ’s. Aka, it still gives the team credit for the points even though they might have been DQ’d. 322, it does account for the match that you did not move. So your average would be higher if w only counted 8 matches.

That reminds me, Everyone keep a good eye on your main power switch (the one that turns the robot on/off). Our switch started to fail and we didn’t know it until our bot set through a whole match without moving. I went up to the bot and tapped the top of the power switch and it came back on. :mad: Small parts noted they have had quite a few teams with this problem. If the switch starts to feel “spongey” your switch might be failing. :eek:

Thanks for the match scoring information. :wink:

While I can’t give an exact statistic, because we didn’t record our individual score, and we didn’t know the exact score all the time (didn’t know how many shots our HP made every match etc), I can give an estimate of how many points 116 scored.
We would typically get around 25 or so points a match, our lowest (not couting practice) being 13 (if you use the 1.33 auto multiplier, otherwise it’s 10) points, and our highest being somwhere in the upper 30s or low 40s (depending on how you score the ramp when 3 robots are on it). Not too bad for only making a single center goal shot our entire regional season, and that was in a practice match. :stuck_out_tongue:

Orginally Posted by ScoutingNerd175
I believe that lower goal scoring made a lot of difference in these rankings. This is total score average. The defense at this regional was amazing. As I look at this list, most of them also play great defense.

I was just wondering what total score means. Is the the average of the number of points each robot scored on its own (so my team 1629 averaged 6 shots in), or is this number based on some combination of ramp points, points scored during the match and auto-mode bonus points?

Good question. This list takes into account only 1 point and 3 point goals scored. It also only takes into account qualification matches. (My team was too busy with other things while you guys were playing the finals :slight_smile: ) So this list is pure robot ball scoring ability.

Somewhere else I have a list of the auton averages and the percent of times that a team attempted to go up the ramp and was successful. (for example, a match where the team was no where near the ramp and didn’t try to get up would not be counted.) The somewhere that I have this is about a four hour drive away, if anyone is interested just ask. (But it’ll be about a week until I get home)

As always, I will have all this data on going at Nationals and any one who is interested (and in my division) can come visit me in the stands.