AVR 2023 Meme Scouting: The results are in!

At AVR this year, to make scouting a little more fun for my students , in addition to the standard scouting questions, many of the teams were asked more “unique” questions. Here are the results from AVR 2023:

  • The most common bumper pool noodle color is green
  • 80% of teams use imperial units in their CAD
  • 84% of teams prefer 10-32 screw threading over 10-24
  • The favorite aluminum alloy is 6061
  • 50% of teams name their batteries (other than by year or number). Although some of these results may be skewed since teams named their batteries on the spot after being asked
  • Black zip ties are the most common, over 60%
  • The median number of wheels on a robot is 20

I’m a fan of 1/4"-28 bolts. They add weight and difficulty of repair that make a robot desirable during alliance selection.


Not gonna lie i saw this and for a brief moment didn’t realize this wasn’t limited to drive train. I was just trying to figure out how you make a drivetrain with 20 or more wheels.

Then I realized it was for everywhere on the robot. Then I still thought that number was really high until I realized we have 22 (i think).


You mean the threading used on pneumatic cylinder rod ends right? Ugh!

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Ok but what’s the median number of doors on a robot?


Does a door handle count?

Are we counting ball bearings used as rollers as wheels? Because our answer changes wildly depending on that context. It’s either 4 (wheels used as wheels), 6 (products sold as wheels), or 34 (including roller bearings).

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Fun metric. For us this would be 4, 78 and 198.

Took me a second thought too! I make us at 11½

The ½ :

The fun part was when the students started counting all the wheels on the robot. Generally we only counted products sold as wheels (including intake, drive, etc) but not roller bearings.

Both my scouters and the students interviewed at pits had a lot of fun answering these questions, I’m told, so we are going to do something similar at Champs :-). Look for Team 7042 and the “interesting” pit scouting questions!

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