award applications

does anyone know where a list of award applications(like the actual application forms) may be found. thanks.

Those would be in Section 5 of the manual, if they are anywhere. Most awards do not have applications to fill out.

A few are here:

“Awards Submissions is now open. Submissions for the Website Design Award, the Chairman’s Award, and the Woodie Flowers Award are entered here.”

All of the “Judged at the event” awards are based on your team info submission and information the judges gather from watching the performance of your robot and talking to team members. There are no real ‘application forms’ for those awards.

The only exception to this is the Chairman’s Award, which is based on your written entry and team interview. WFA is submitted on line, but is judged outside of the competition by a review panel.

Hope this helps.

go to, go to the already involved tab, click the first option, go to the documents and updates section on the left side of the screen, and click competition manual and updates. the awards are in section 5.

Where do we submit the Business Plan for the FIRST Robotics Competition?

If you are talking about a Business Plan for the KPCB Entreprenuership Award, or really any award except Website and Chairman’s, you don’t submit it. These awards are “Judged at the event”. Make sure you have it at your pit so that when a judge stops by, a student can say “We have a great Business Plan - here it is” and have him/her highlight specific pages in it. And make sure you have a student at the pit at all times so you don’t miss the judges.

If you want to use it as part of your Chairman’s, unless it is part of your essay, you can highlight it as part of your team’s presentation. Or, see above.

So awards such as the engineering inspiration award are judged at the competition?

Yes. Take a look at Section 5 - The Awards of the Game Manual.

All awards judged by competition judges are:
Daimler Chrysler Team Spirit Award
Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award
General Motors Industrial Design Award
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers Entrepreneurship Award
Johnson & Johnson Gracious Professionalism Award
Motorola Quality Award
Rockwell Automation Innovation In Control Award
Xerox Creativity Award
Rookie All-Star Award
Rookie Inspiration Award
Imagery Award
Judges’ Award
Engineering Inspiration Award

All other awards are judged by various groups pertaining to the particular award (WFA entries are judged by previous WFA Winners, Chairman’s Award is judged by a Chairman’s Award Judges Group, etc.).

For a complete list, check out page 3 of Section 5 of this year’s manual. It helps to explain each award, and has a chart that shows you how each award is judged.