Award Eligibility

We all know the policy concerning Chairman’s at Nationals (you can’t win if you aren’t a winner at Regionals), but does anyone know if that policy applies to any other awards? Thanks.

Except for animation, yes.

dont you mean, except for annimation, NO!

?! you dont have to be a team spirit winner at a regional to win it at the championship. or all the other awards

In some sense, you must win the Woodie Flowers Award at a regional to be considered for it at the Championship.

besides the awards mentioned it doesn;t matter because there are different judges at nationals then there are at the regionals…but if you won the award once you probably would have a good chance again

Because everything is so spread out it’s harder to get an award, particularly team spirit. You have to work much harder for much longer to get attention.

I’m very confused.

Which awards do you have to have won regionally in order to be considered for the championship award competition for the same award?

Does a team have to be present at championships in order for the regional win to be judged for the championship same award?

What started my confusion was Brandon in another thread saying that the website award is picked from regional winners. But the website winners may not be at championships.

The Woodie Flowers award, Website award, chairmans award, animation award at the championship can only be won by one of the regional winners for those awards. also you donot have to be present to receive the award

I could why website would be chosen from the regional winners. Not only are they already the best website but all the judging has been done and it would be repetitive and take a long time to have to judge all the team at championship website when you have it narrowed down to a really good group of twenty six.

As for giving it to someone that not there I see this is being alright because they did have the best website whether they had the best robot or not.

confusion is clearing thank you.
chairman’s award requires a 10 min interview with judges, so still a little confused about that.

What about engineering inspiration award?

Yeah me too about chairmans but 272 and 141 aren’t going.

For eng. inspiration I’d expect you wouldn’t have win it at regionals because their are several chairman’s canidates who would fit into this category too.