Award nominations

Team179 and myself will be handing out awards october 25 at the robot rodeo

These awards are for teams or individuals who have done things Witch Don’t fit into any normal award category, But Deserve to be mentioned. I am now requesting nominations, you may nominate a team or an individual who has done something very good in the first community Or effecting your team that would not normally get them an award, Remember you can nominate people on your own team as well you may send your nomination to me , or post it on this thread

Just to avoid any confusion, that’s October 25th.

it has been 2 days and no nominations, So I am stimulating this thread…

There must be someone in Florida who has done some exemplary thing witch is worth being addressed, i can think of several individuals ,I’m sure you can too

George from 1083… I’ve known the guy since my Freshman year, and I’ve seen him out helping anyone that needs something, no matter what… He’s also been a great guy keeping you up-beat when all the stress hits you at competition.

I don’t know if 108 is going… but if they are I’d like to nominate them for all their hard work, they’re always working really hard with the webcasts and their video storage.

Once you say what teams are going to be attending the event I’m sure I’ll have more nominations, I just don’t know who all will be going, so I don’t know if certain people will be there or not :slight_smile:


its been a while, so im reserecting this thread, its 3 weeks until the Robot rodeo, Who or what in florida has touched your team or somone on your team?

I would like to nominate Tytus Gerrish off of team #179. We talk alot, and he is ALWAYS up to something having to do with robotics, whether it being lego league, working on the :secret project: (and no, he hasn’t told me so people on 179, dont worry…i dont know anything!!), drawing different types of drive train ideas, or just working on and fixing up the robot for competiton. Sometimes it seems, the way he describes it to me, he does all of this with out even a thank you or any kind of recognition @ all.

Tytus, just know that I am sure they appreciate what you are doing and you are making a difference in this world!

Hey, Thanks Steph
But its gonna look prety Bad when im handing an award to myself

*Originally posted by miketwalker *
**George from 1083… **

I second the nomination: BTW George has two unofficial SPAM awards that come to mind:

a SPAM unit of measurement “…dang it George the OI box is too small for the joystick, by just a…hmmm…just a “wallace” …get me that flight stick and the belt sander!” :smiley:

He is also credited with an important piece of the team/'bot rating system we used for the 2002 game. The George factor… It was a real strategy gem…