Awards and events in team profiles

Has anyone else noticed that on when you go to the team profiles pages (clicked from attending teams links) that it now tells you all the events the team has attended along with all the awards the team has won. I think this is going to be valuable for pre-competition scouting along with keeping data from year to year.

This is a list of teams attending the championship. Click any team name and you will see it.

I searched and didn’t find anything. If this was already posted sorry.

That’s a really nice feature. I also like the listing of all events attended over the years. The thing I don’t understand is why nothing is sorted correctly anymore. The teams are entirely out of order on the team list, and the sorting for past events (at least for my team) is not terribly accurate either. Probably just a bug.

I like this addition…it helps remind you where you came from.

Wow, that’s really awesome. Now I know for sure what happened before I joined the team! Mentors rarely talk about our first year, and so many of the members don’t know much about our past. I’m def a fan of this addition!

I think knowing the past of the team is a very important thing. You should ask your advisors about it, or talk to old members. It’s good to know what the team has done so you can learn from the past (plus it can give some very good stories to tell).

thanks for posting, that is some extremly helpful information for scouting out a team!

Definitely a nice feature, but there are some omissions.

I checked my team’s awards and our finalist award from this year’s BAE Granite State Regional was over looked. Team 319 was also not credited as finalist from BAE for this year. There are probably other omissions for other teams. The older awards look correct, but that was a long time ago.

I know more than most members of my team about our history, simply because I work on our website and have a section on past accomplishments. It would be awesome, though, if we had a meeting once a year to explain the history of our team, -without- omitting the first year that our mentors so like to forget. :rolleyes:

this is probably because the awards info for BAE is not available on the FIRST website.

There seems to be an incorrect award for 108… does anyone know why?(FL 2006) Or did the name of the award change since the Forida Regional? lol

But yes, this new feature is very nice!

Does anyone know how to get a list of all teams from the FIRST website?

That’s actually an old feature of the FIRST team database. Access to that particular data disappeared at the beginning of this school year. I imagine because the database is being revamped. The data’s been there for several years.

It looks like the 2006 data is still being entered and teams have noted in the past that some of the older data was incorrectly entered for their team.

It’s pretty nice, but labor intensive for some wonderful WPI student volunteer.

Do you mean like:
or do you mean the team database: (just through 2005-none of the 2006 data yet)?

There are a few mistakes in ours also… no big deal. The awards are all there but the event listing or year seems to be mistaken. I remember they used to have info like this before. It just didn’t include the events attended part. A nice addition. Good pickup Greg, see you in a few weeks.

Does that mean that everyone will take every award there team has had out of their signature? Because seeing 15 lines of crap after every post is pretty annoying.

And yeah, I disabled signatures, but that doesn’t make it any less dumb.

Personally I like signatures. It adds a bit of color to the dialog in the threads. They can be fun, so long as they aren’t 30+ lines long. Nothing wrong with a little personality in one’s posts.

This is extremely helpful for me getting my Fantasy FIRST scouting sheet done!
Thank you FIRST!

This isn’t perfect, but if you select a “Team List” from any regional event, and remove the “&event=NH” criteria (or whatever regional you selected) from the URL and hit Enter, you will get a combined list of the teams attending all events. So when a team attends two events it will be listed twice, three events = thrice, etc.

Like I said, it isn’t perfect, but a total of 1794 roster slots were filled during the 2006 season.

The new data was captured for this and will hopefully be up within a week. :slight_smile:

(And also a note if you’re trying to get all the teams from this list…that database includes pretty much every team ever, not just “active” teams - as well as teams that seem to be tests of the database system.)

Messy way to look at all the data:

appears to include the Atlanta event, as well as the regionals.

since we show up 3 times

Yes, in this list, “event” does not equate to “regional”. Atlanta is included.