Awards By Region For Detroit

A simple Spreadsheet that lists the teams that won awards at the Detroit Champs by region.

16 Michigan
6 Ontario
5 New York
3 New Jersey
3 Indiana
3 Illinois
3 Wisconsin
3 Minnesota
2 Pennsylvania
2 Ohio
2 Massachusetts
2 Virginia
1 West Virginia
1 Japan
1 Netherlands
1 Maryland
1 Norway
1 Quebec
1 Deleware

Congrats To All these Fantastic Teams

(there may be an error in the spreadsheet, let me know if there is!)

AwardsBreakdown.xlsx (8.84 KB)

AwardsBreakdown.xlsx (8.84 KB)

Looks like a great event for Michigan! It would be interesting to see this same breakdown by alliance composition. How many teams were drafted to a playoff alliance from each state?

Looks like 21 Einstein teams came from Districts and 3 came from Regionals… hmmmm… I wonder if that might be a correlation? Obviously I know that a huge percentage of teams from North Champs qualified via districts which massively throws off any direct comparison. It would be cool if our local data experts could inform me one way or the other if playing in districts positively correlates with performance… I mean playing 81 (2767) matches in a season vs playing ~30 (2 Regional team plus champs) matches in a season might have an effect right? I’m so freaking jealous of teams in the better competition format. The playing field is not level. I don’t say that claiming it’s unfair. Regional areas just need to put in the work that district areas have put in so we can reap the benefits.

This thread doesn’t need to turn into another district complaint thread. We (the people on CD from New York, California, and Minnesota who want districts) know what we’re missing. We’re already doing our best to change our situations. There’s really nothing to talk about… but sometimes it helps to vent.

Hopefully this is a wake up call for Minnesota on several fronts…

I wondered about these things as well, so I created this spreadsheet. From the spreadsheet, I made this animated gif to show how many teams from each district were competing in each round of the championships.

The pink “no district” teams’ slice does shrink as the event progresses, and most notably goes from 35.3% of all teams to 22.4% of those competing in elimination rounds in the divisions.

One other thought - one way in which non-district teams might suffer apart from the lack of pre-championship matches is the lack of built-in “friends”. The district model creates a lot of familiarity, if nothing else, between fellow district teams. I wonder what kind of impact that has when teams are making their pick list.