Awards Ceremony-Larry Page

So today at the closing ceremonies, they had Larry Page, famous as one of the “Google Guys” speak to us. How cool is that?

That was insanely awesome. He said so many good things; I’d love to get a transcript if there is one.

Yep, that was pretty cool that he spoke to the FIRST community.

And look, now you too can own the blinking Google logo pin that Larry was wearing during his speech.

Cool… :cool:

Man I can’t belive it either, that was AWESOME to hear Larry Page talk about Google, and everything.

When Page said that Google’s vision was A.I. (artificial intelligence) who would have thought?!?! I guess if you build a database large enough with enough information, that evently you’ve got something down those lines. I never saw that coming.

I like how Dean put him on the spot to publicly support FIRST in the future. But besides that I think he was a great speaker and related to the youth better than Dean does (not saying that Dean is a bad speaker).

I think the idea for Google to support FIRST was known to Page before the speech. :wink:

His speech was great!