Awards Ceremony Music (and a shoutout)

This has been driving me nuts for a looooong time (they’ve played it at every single competition I’ve been to for four years), but can anyone tell me what this song is?
It sounds like Peter Gabriel, and there’s a pretty prominent bass guitar. At one point, he says “so much larger than life” then harmonizes with himself while the bass guitar goes at it.
Yeah, I can’t describe music very well.

Also, congrats to my other team (647) on winning the Sportsmanship award at the Lone Star regional! Go CyberWolves!

Big Time?

check out

according to that website it is “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel.


i just wanted to say you guys are great. Loud but not obnoxious. full of team spirit. i dont know how, but you were spirited ever second of every day at Drexel. you earned your award

hope to see you at Nationals

Who that Bat?......COMBBAT!! :D 

Great team.......spirited and FRIENDLY.

You were our pit neighbors.......I spent some time Thurs talking to 2 of your girls.    Any team that SINGS on the bus the whole way from FL has to be a really cool group!

Another thing that made an impression on me was on Sat after your alliance lost in semifinals........when drive teams walked by with the robots  --- you and Diablo (87) cheered like if you just won it all.     Very moving.

Lisa T  :)

I will third the notion that you guys were the most spirited team. That “Who that bat?.. ComBBAT” cheer was ingenious. I extend a thanks to MrsT. for saying my team and ComBBAT were spirited. Also thanks to ComBBAT for selecting us as your first alliance choice. Too bad we lost to that other alliance. We would have gone all the way!

Thanks, everybody, for the kind words and general coolness. We take a lot of pride in our spirit, and we try as hard as we can to infect other teams with it. It’s nice to see people catch on.

With the current situation, I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing your teams at EPCOT or not, but I certainly hope so. We can get together and make our own Spirit Alliance to go around cheering for all underrepresented teams. :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you very much.