Awards Ceremony Script

My team’s end of the year banquet is soon approaching, and we had the idea to give out awards with the same categories as FIRST (i.e. Woodie Flowers, Chairman’s Award, etc.) to our members. While I was able to find a description of each award on FIRST’s website, I am having trouble finding the script the MC’s give at each competition just before the award is given (like “not only do you look good, you make FIRST look good” for the Imagery Award). If anyone could fill me in on some of the lines or find me a link to a full awards ceremony, it would be very appreciated.

RTM does not stop after competition. Section 5 has description of all the awards.

Remember to include the cheesy puns!

watch/record webcasts during the awards ceremony, and then right down what they say. You should also share your findings so we all can access them. :slight_smile: