Awards Event Question (IR@H)

I notice that our team is not “signed up” for the Pacific Region awards ‘event’, although many other teams - including some from Hawaii, as well as Australia, China, etc. - are. Does anyone know how we go about getting on the list for this? We are fully submitted for IR@H (judging and skills), didn’t choose to do the game design or innovation challenges.

Or who should I contact at FIRST if this was their error?

Did you submit for any of the “traditional” judged awards (Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers, Dean’s List)? My understanding is that the “regional” awards events are only for these awards, and IR@H, game design, and innovation challenge results will be released separately (since those were judged in non-region-based groups of teams from all over the world)

Oh, OK. I thought that any of the awards won - even if ‘group’ based, such as the “Quality” award - would be announced at that event, for the teams in the region. We did not submit for CA, WF or DL. But we did the ‘judging interview’ for the IR@H. How/when do we find out about those awards?

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The IR@H, Innovation challenge, and GDC awards will also be announced at those events based on the FRC Blog that mentioned the Awards shows. I believe for the “event” purposes it only lists those who submitted for the “traditional” awards, but they’ll be announcing any awards you won as part of the other groups as well.