Awards in Michigan 2009

I know that for the website award submission to F.I.R.S.T. Awards opens January 13, 2009 and ends February 12, 2009. I also know that regional events is were the best website award is received. In Michigan regional events have been replaced with district events and a state championship. My question is at which level is awards such as the website award handed out? Is it at district competitions or the State Championship?

Well I got the answer after emailing FIRST, Michigan website awards will be handed out at the District level. Hope this helps teams!

Answered in the Awards section of the manual just released.Also, in this manual it says website awards will not be given out at the district events. Not sure if this is wrong or your Email is wrong.

Please re-read the first paragraph of Section 5. If you can show me in another location something that contradicts that, then the Q&A better open early this year…

I was looking at the chart. I saw very few X’s under the DIV. Column so I took that as if there was no X, that award would not be presented. From reading that first paragraph, I see what your saying though. I guess a check under REG means that award will be given at the Divisions too. I don’t know I must be missing something.

DIV is Division, as is shown by the fact that Division Champion, Division Finalist, and Highest Rookie Seed are the only marked boxes in that column. CMP refers to Championship awards (anything presented on Einstein is how I read that, noting that only the above awards and Regional Winner/Finalist are not marked.) REG includes District Events (See Regional/District Winner/Finalist.)

I would assume that District Events are treated as Regionals for purposes of Section 5.

If that is correct then the Chairman’s Award would be given out at every district event, which we know is not the case because under the Chairman’s Award section it says that Three Regional Chairman’s Awards will be given out at the Michigan State Championship.

From what I gathered the “unless othrwise noted” aspect were the X’s and basically every award was “othiwise noted”. It seems to me that part of this District plan there are no judges at the district events and therefore no judged awards, only performance based awards IE Divisional Winner, Finalist and Highest Rookie Seed. will be awarded. Everything else will be done at the Michigan State Championship.

We might need that Q & A early lol…

That’s the thing. “Otherwise noted”–there are no notes (except for the specific case of the Chairman’s Award–5.4.1, third paragraph). There may be a “note” about the Website Award being only at Regionals in its section, but if that is the case, then the Autodesk Visualization will also not be offered in MI at the District level.

Other than the Chairman’s Award, I think there aren’t any exceptions to the general structure.

Oh, and if what you think the plan is on judging is true, then why are awards included on the points structure for qualifying for State Championship?

As I understand it, Chairman’s Awards will be given out at Michigan Districts. However, these awards qualify the winners to compete in Chairman’s at the State competition. Three Chairman’s winners at State will advance to Atlanta.

I would be really surprised if that is the case. That means 7 “District Chairman’s Awards” and 3 “State Chairman’s Awards” for Michigan. 10 Chairman’s winners Seems like a lot.

I appreciate you guys trying to answer my questions. And you may very well be right. At the very least I don’t think FIRST has been very clear about this District structure.

I think what he’s saying is that there are 3 going to Atlanta. Those 3 come from the 7 district winners. Sort of like the RCA–> CA route-- win at the regional, qualify for Championship. MI just has another level.

And you’re right about the clarity… I think that more questions will come from the MI Pilot “rule tweaks” than from any other single rule, or maybe section of the manual.

“Each team’s website is eligible for the website awards at every
regional event at which the team is competing. The website must be complete and
functional by the date of submission. Any website found to be “down,” and not able to be
viewed by the evaluators, will be disqualified.”

This quote states that teams are able to win at each Regional that they attend. The District events are not Regionals.

From my conversation with a person at headquarters, I have no documentation to back this up so it could be hearsay, that FIRST is not giving out any awards in Michigan except the State Championship. IF this is so then any awards given out will be by the State Committee. They are not official FIRST awards.

Again I state that this could be hearsay but it seems to fit the pattern.

Yeah that’s what I gathered from the awards section in the manual. No judged awards at the district events. But as you said, it’s all guesswork and hearsay.

I just want something definitive.


I cant wait for the next AE Awards. I only got nominated for the GFX Award before -_-