Awards in the Offseason: What would you like to see?

As I’m wrapping-up the awards we’ll offer for the Blitz… I’m wondering what kind of awards you guys would like to see (preferably really easy to judge). Please submit ideas in this thread.

Thanks! :wink:



best round - driving
best round - human player
tackiest shirts (we would win that by default :wink: )
best repairs

I would really like to see that one get put together. One of the hardest things is racing to fix a bot under pressure and the efforts of the pit crews of these teams should be recognized more widely; not just by members of their own teams.

I’d also like to see a coolest robot award - not necessarily the most decorative or the one that can do the most, just the one that makes people stop and say: “wow, now THAT’S A COOL ROBOT!” (there’s a thread on this somewhere, criteria for the award could probably be gotten from there).


I don’t really remember off season events having spirit awards, possibly only Ramp Riot - and I’m not even sure if they do?
… with the addition of a spirit award, it would put the feel of a real competition completely on the event. Full intensity! :yikes:

Blitz Awards List (so far):

Here’s the latest list of awards that may be offered at the Blitz (the reasoning behind this thread :stuck_out_tongue: ). Because I’m making these trophies at work in the middle of the night… I have to keep it to 15 awards. So if you have a good idea, one award must go. But please, feel free to crititisize:

Beantown Blitz Awards

2004 Beantown Blitz: Champion

  • This is awarded to the three teams who win the Beantown Blitz competition

2004 Beantown Blitz: Finalist

  • This is awarded to the three teams who are runners-up in the Beantown Blitz competition

2004 Beantown Blitz: #1 Ranked Team

  • This is awarded to the team who ranks #1 after the Qualifying Matches are completed (using qualifying point averages only)

2004 Beantown Blitz: The Human Element

  • This award recognizes the team who, over the course of the competition, has the highest average of purple or yellow balls scored in the goal (excluding multiplier). It is assumed that the team with the highest average of balls (not points) has the best human playing ability.

*2004 Beantown Blitz: Imagery

  • This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration from the machine to team appearance.

2004 Beantown Blitz: Play of the Day

  • This award will be judged by the people at the scoring table who will be taking notes on the best robot-plays during the course of the competition. A winner will be selected when all the qualifying matches have been performed.

*2004 Beantown Blitz: Boston Holl-a

  • This award celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork (team spirit).

*2004 Beantown Blitz: Engineering Elegance

  • This award celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine feature. This award recognizes any aspect of engineering elegance including, but not limited to: design, wiring methods, material selection, programming techniques, and/or unique machine attributes. The criteria for this award are based on the team’s ability to concisely verbally describe, as well as demonstrate, this chosen machine feature.

*2004 Beantown Blitz: Operation Inspiration

  • This award celebrates a team’s outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school, as well as their community. Criteria include: the extent and inventiveness of the team’s efforts to recruit students to engineering, the extent and effectiveness of the team’s community outreach efforts, and the measurable success of those efforts.

*2004 Beantown Blitz: ‘Wicked Awesome’ Robot

  • This is an award for the coolest robot. Not necessarily the most decorative robot, or the one that can do the most… just the one that makes people stop and say: “wow, now THAT’S A COOL ROBOT!”

me likey…

Best defense is alway fun.

I like the purple heart award… we have won it twice in a row at WPI sad to say. But i think thats a good award for a team that does every thing they can to get the robot running and it wont or when you do something when a major part of the robot breaks.


2 years ago… we broke a tread and still moved the goal in to the scoring zone to win the match

last year… man it ran for the first two matches then i guess the clutch in one of the drills popped out and it kept throwing a chain because of that. now we know how to prevent that.

but its a good award for teams that poor there heart in to getting it working every time or go something awsome when something goes wrong.

Some awards that my team thought up:

Heather Award - Given to a robot that is fast, powerful, very robust, and just beats the ________ out of any other robot. (Award inspired by our 2003 robot Heather)

Professional Grade Award - This award celebrates an overall professional team. The winner of this award has developed a high quality robot in close relationship with professional mentors and sponsors. Every part of the robot has exceptional form and well planned function. The winner of this award has demonstrated organization within their team structure, and a well functioning bond between mentors and students. At competition, this team has demonstrated exceptional gracious professionalism toward others, and conducted themselves in a very professional manner among themselves and others. On the field, strategy is a main priority. Off the field, helping others while not letting themselves get behind is a constant balance of resources done effectively.

Hang Time Award-most consistent hanger
i dont know what to call it but an award for the best ball herder or capper


the “All your small balls are capped by us” award (name 2 - “I can multiply all your small balls” award) - awarded to the best and most consistent Capper… (this is going to be very tough at BTB… 121, 126, 195, 175, 571, 176 (if they have thier capper on, 181, and of course 69)… so ya enough said there i think =D

Best Mascot

How about the HOLY COW! award, awarded to the person, robot, play, strategy, or anything that is able to leave the crowd speechless–or at least screaming “HOLY COW!”

We could call it the Phil Rizzuto Award! (maybe he didn’t contribute anything to FIRST, but he did coin the phrase) :smiley:

How about “Master Capper” for the most consistent capping record?