what did your team get at regionals? i’m only asking now cause most of them are over. :slight_smile:

team 360 got the Imagery award at the Pacific Northwest regional for, and i quote, our “innovative use of zipties.” but i think it also had something to do with the kung fu fighting hamsters, the zipties in the hair (yes, as hairpieces), the zipties on the safety glasses (i had my ziptie duct taped to my forehead), our sprayed hair, enthusiasm, team spirit (and i quote, “they may not have won every match they were in but you always knew they were there”), and that kind of thing. we were one of the only two party teams too… us and team 383 - the brasilians! :slight_smile: those people can party til the day comes, and so can we.

anyways… :slight_smile:

Team #269 Cooney/Quest, won the Xerox Creativity award at the MMR, they liked that we could grab 2 goals, pick up balls, and had 2 drive systems. The announcer still needs help with our city lol, we are the cheeseheads from Oconomowoc!!

At the Motorola Midwest Regional the TechnoKats recieved 2nd place finalists and the Regional Chairmans Award :smiley:

We got the Imagery at VCU, and the Regional Chairmans at Drexel(Philadelphia)

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At the Mid-Atlantic Regional, Team 293 won the Xerox Creativity Award, probably for our innovative use of fiberglass.

Team #383 got the Judges Award and the Winner Trophy at the Pacific Northwest Regional, and we also got some great new friends from #360º, the Revolution. Incredibly cool people!!:cool:

Rodrigo Ribeiro
#383 - The Brazilian Machine

Leadership in controls award for our expirimental “Blind Drive” system which will let a blind person drive the robot and provide feddback to the driver from the robot.


Winners of NYC FIRST with teams 358 (the Titans), and 549 (the Devil Dogs) Thanks again!

UTC here we come!

Epcot here we come!
Yet another Odd (numbered) Florida Bound Team!

Team 357 won the Leadership in Control Award at the Lone Star Regional. The judge was impressed with our claw design and how it was automated by “smart code”. He had built a similar claw at his engineering firm.

Ken Delaney

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**Team #383 got the Judges Award and the Winner Trophy at the Pacific Northwest Regional, and we also got some great new friends from #360º, the Revolution. Incredibly cool people!!:cool:

Rodrigo Ribeiro
#383 - The Brazilian Machine **

I AM 360 HEAR ME ROAR! :smiley:

Rodrigo, you guys kicked butt. :smiley: :cool:

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The Pacific NorthWest Regional was new this year. I transplanted from San Jose and was a little concerned it wouldn’t be as fun. Wrong!

#383 - The Brazilian Machine was amazing

We as you have seen in these posts thier alliance won the regional. Teams 753 and 833 were called to recieve thier medals. We applauded, we cheered. Then 383 was called. We jumped to our feet and gave them a standing ovation. They had that much of an impact on the other teams. I honestly can say it couldn’t have been better unless it was us with them. We had mixed feelings as a team. Our new friends the X-bot 488 and local team the Titans 492 were against them in the finals and yet I know we all felt the same way.

The award was deserved but more importantly I believe we all got to share in it.

Hats off and bow to The Brazilian Machine. Hope to see you next year.

Imagery…eventually we will figure out how we were chosen :slight_smile:

Eric Stokely
Team 360 Revolution
Formally of 258 The Sea Dawgs

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Team93, N.E.W. Apple Corps

Motorola Midwest Regional

2002 Motorola Quality Award
2002 Incredible Play Award

Oh, and dare I forget…

Team 71 Beatty Hammond’s “Best Opponent” Award

Team 86 won the Xerox Creativity Award for our sound system. We have the sound system wired to play different sounds through out the match, mostly Pac-man sounds because our robot picks up balls much the same way Pac-man chomps the little flashing dots. I’m sure you guys who will be at Nationals will heaar us, it’s hard not to, the on stage crew asked that we turn the sound down… hehehe.

Team 357 won the leadership in control award in Houston, at the LSR for our automated arms, the turntable, and the use of our “smart coding”

The official awards received by team 469:

Cleveland Regional Champions
Great Lakes Regional Champions
J&J Sportsmanship Award at Great Lakes Regional

And from other teams:

“The Hare Award”(fastest robot) from team #27
“Battlebot Potential” from team #545
“Best Defensive Robot” from team #573
“Best Team Designed Robot” from team #249
“Most Unusual Bot” from team #1
“The Hottest Goal Handler” from team #67


team 56 won the imagery award in Long Island


Team **191 ** got the team spirit award at buckeye, and are hoping to get it in florida!

Team 131 CHAOS won the UTC New England chairman’s award baby. Thanks to all that supported us.

862 recieved the barking dog award from 249 (thank you by the way) for our resounding AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs and alas that is our only award, but also our most prized posession :slight_smile: much better than finalist or anything like that :slight_smile: and by the way if you recognize the AAAAs from florida last year that was us 465
new sponsor = new team number

and if you are wondering why we are typing so much is that we all lost our voices at WMR. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! cough cough ow, the pain. We’ll be ready for nationals though. We are also thinking about playing super capture the flag with other teams in epcot/magic kingdom/mgm. Anyone interested?